Golf Club Würzburg

Since the beginning of 2014 I am dealing with the photography and videography from the air with the help of powerful multicopters which are equipped with digital cameras of high resolution. The planned routes can be defined beforehand on Google Maps and controlled by GPS. The image control is carried out at any time from the ground by HD video transmission on a control monitor. The settings and trigger times of the cameras are controlled via radio. The results are high-resolution, high-contrast images and videos of interesting landscapes, buildings or other objects formations in professional quality.

The landowner’s permission after the Air Traffic Act (LuftVG) through the air Office Northern Bavaria is present, so that the legal requirements for commercial shots are given. All legally relevant flight rules (no-fly zones, protection of privacy) are strictly adhered to. If required for the respective flight area we inform the Office for Regulatory Affairs or the police.

The aerial photographs are outsourced at the address in a separate project of