Our first trip through Norway 2016 has been addictive. In the following year 2017 we moved there again. With arrival and departure we have now been traveling 17500 kilometers with our own camper. This is undoubtedly a mammoth stretch, but we do not want to miss the experiences. And that was certainly not the last time. In 2018 Norway is haunting our heads again.

We now know many fascinating countries on all continents of this earth. Norway was the most impressive in Europe. Even the volcanic and ice-stamped, impressive Iceland, which undoubtedly captivates every nature lover, and which we have visited for several months, could not inspire us as much as Norway. No country in Europe offers a more varied nature. While Iceland is now being overrun by tourists, Norway is usually still alone in untouched nature, without the now ubiquitous Asian accessories when taking pictures. We have not reached the Nordkapp yet. So far, that was not our goal, as we got stuck at the latest with the Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja and then turned back to the south. Maybe we can do it next time.

We have created a one-hour multimedia show “Paths to the Northern Arctic Circle” from our previous experiences in Norway, which we show in private circles and at special events. Here is a flyer of it: