Six weeks in summer 2016 our own motorhome was a cherished home on a trip from Northern Bavaria over Denmark and Sweden to Norway up to the Lofoten. Crisscross the country we have driven nearly 10,000 kilometers, have used numerous ferries over the sea and fjords, but never have followed any predetermined route or must adhere to timelines.

We were guided only by the natural beauty and decided anew every day. For the Lofoten we had planned plenty of time to explore. The country is large and so to bridging distances are sometimes enormous. But with the camper you can almost everywhere stop at interesting places and take extensive breaks, so that the photographic interests never missed out.

This trip we took in some sections at the same time with Daniel und Geo Fuchs, a German artist couple who has attained with its conceptual issues of photography series international reputation. They granted me insight into their new project “Nature and Distruction” for which they, inter alia, took this trip.

Left: Daniel and Geo Fuchs

Although each of us went his own photographic way, we were able to exchange our views and experiences extensively and recommend each other interesting places and motives. If we did not stay on the same place, we corresponded constantly by Whatsapp with image, voice and text information. The fun never was too short.

Photos of this trip can be found in the portfolio.