Silent witnesses to the crime

I have long hesitated and was unsure if I should choose to have this post on Auschwitz here. The danger of being misunderstood is large, as if to the Auschwitz concentration camp to play down an empty photographic object. The main camp Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II – but Birkenau today memorials that were deliberately created in order to remind us that no longer repeat itself cruel crimes like the Nazi regime with perfidious planned mass murder of millions.

We have visited Auschwitz, as we are convinced that you just have to ask a German confrontation with the crimes of our previous generations.

We noticed at the two days of the visit to Auschwitz, that among the many visitors from all countries of the world, unfortunately, the Germans were the least represented. If you want to keep so unpleasant memories at bay? We have been ashamed as a German in Auschwitz, preferring to hide our nationality ahead of the other visitors.

A visit to Auschwitz helps to better measure the unimaginably large extent and suffering of the Holocaust, if you have the gigantic sites of brutal Nazi crimes directly before our eyes. Forgetting is impossible.